Korean Beauty Trends for 2016!

So far there hasn’t been a lot of change for the beauty trends in Korea. But doesn’t hurt to update a tad, right?

Korean style contouring:
As we all know, in Korea, the ideal face shape is having a slim V-line face. So that is where the contouring comes into play.
Use the bronzer down the sides of your face and give your chin a slim appearance.


Pastel eyeliner:
Since 2015 actually, color in your makeup has been popular. It brings your eyes to life indeed. I always love using burgundy and pinks.

color eyeliner

Water-free beauty products:
Lately more and more Korean skincare is phasing out water from the ingredients. Yes I was surprised too. Considering you think water, you think hydrating. But apparently, it is quite the opposite. It has been explained that water can actually be drying for the skin, and when on its own, it evaporates and leaves the skin very dry. Also can remove the hydrators in your skin as well. Rather than using water, they use botanical extracts. Such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine.
your skin will thank you.

As usual, keep your skin glowing and happy and make those eyes pop!


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