Makeup Review: Etude House and Demi Lovato Lip Tints

You guys should know, I have an addiction.

It’s pretty serious into it at this point.

Lip tints. Oh my god.
I don’t know why but I love em. All kinds.
How long lasting they can be and how natural they appear is amazing.
So I binge when I can.

The most recent of my purchases are all of these!

lip tints

Demi Lovato Lip Tint: I got 3 Demi Lovato tints from Walmart. (I gave the 3rd one to my sister) I was SO surprised to find these out of nowhere when I was skincare shopping with a friend of mine. They were so inexpensive that I just had to snatch them up.
The colors apply well as usual. But the feeling it gives my lips is… odd. After a little bit, it made my lips feel a little numb. It wasn’t a painful or long lasting feeling, just weird. And it tasted weird. I only found this out from licking my lips because I’m a dumb potato.
It lasted a little while but not very long.

I give it 3/6 unicorns

Etude House Water Tint: So upon my usual shopping on YESSTYLE, I got these little piggies. They apply very well, the colors are are surprisingly vibrant and natural.
I was SO surprised how long they last.
I seriously fell asleep wearing it and woke up at 1pm and it was STILL on!!
I was amazed.
Definitely will get more!

Definitely a 6/6 kawaii potatoes!

Etude House Dear Darling Tint: This one is good as well. Good color pay-off, yet natural. Lasts a decent amount of time too.
Not much to say about it, good product!
Will definitely get another one!

5/6 kawaii alpacas

Etude House Lip Concealer: I LOVE this product honestly. It does what it’s supposed to. Conceal my lips without making them feel dehydrated. It applies softly and leaves my lips feeling nice and soft.

I give it… 6/6 lollipops

Overall, these are all good products and I recommend them.

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