Relationships, kids


Okay I got my wine and puttin’ on my friend hat.

Relationships can be great. So great. But there are those times. Fights. I know, they suck right?

But how can you tell when enough is enough? You can’t. Because when you two are fighting. You will almost, in my experience, question why you are together. You will say to them, or yourself, that you are done. With this. With them.

Are you though?

How do you dictate when to be done?

Is it when you fight about the same things over and over? Or when it can potentially get physical. On either end.

Or is it just a couple being a couple.
Couples fight. That’s a given.

I honestly, don’t know where I am going with this..

Just, you decide.. If you break up, it wasn’t meant to be.

Just think to yourself. Decide what you willing to put up with. If THEY are worth it.

Guys, I am so shitty at relationships. I can give advice for relationships, but rarely take it.

Be kind. Be patient. Be considerate. Be thoughtful. Give empathy. Talk. Be very open.

My problem is, I always see them being selfish and inconsiderate.

But maybe.. I always see that in them, because.. it’s me.

Maybe I am.. the selfish one. High maintenance.

How do you know when you are the problem..?

It’s so hard to tell..

To tell if you are just being too hard on yourself.. Or if you are finally realizing that you are the issue.

Maybe the wine is just getting to me.. Feels good though. To cry.

Loves, just be sweet. Know that you are not alone. You always have someone to talk to. I will always be here.

I give great advice 🙂 Or if you just need an ear to vent to, that too.

Just try to be good. Happy. Healthy.

Never stop improving.
In all aspects of life. Yourself. Relationships. Friendships. Family. Career.

Man, this went in a random direction huh?

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