Swipe first then pat! Foundation application tip ^3^

BB cushion

When oppa was visiting, we went on an unintended Face Shop shopping spree and upon our visit, the employees basically had a field day with doing my face makeup and educating me, since I had quite a few questions.
“My face makeup always gets splotchy, and creases quickly, looks too heavy no matter how little makeup I use. I always end up just looking like a plain mess in the day and having to retouch my face makeup WAY too often. How?? Why?? Help me! Fix me!” I pleaded.
They knew JUST what to do. It wasn’t the annoying “oh its your products crap”. Like what they do at MAC or Sephora. They just wanted to help me. They kept saying how pretty I was and that my acne was basically done. It was just the light acne scars that I could easily get rid of. 

After doing my makeup, I learned that it was the smallest thing ever.. I mean seriously guys. I felt SO stupid.

It was the WAY I was applying my makeup. I would pat on my BB cushion foundation. Pressed on the sponge then would lightly blot around my face. Then apply concealer then powder to set.

I was SUPPOSED to lightly swipe it on the face, then pat -.-
The apply your concealer as normal then apply over it with the BB cushion again, THEN use the powder to set it.
It made a WORLD of a difference. My makeup looks cleaner all throughout the day, no touch ups so far, and no creasing!! 

So if you’re a lost potato like I was this whole time, remember: Swipe, then pat. 

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