Weight Loss UPDATE


Hey guys!

So lately, when I was visiting my mom in NH, I hit a sudden bump. It was a good thing though.
Even though it is obvious that for weight loss, it is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

But it just never hit me like it did at that moment. Then, after realizing how truly, no matter how much I would work out, it wouldn’t matter! All, would be a waste of time! Unless. I. Ate. CLEAN. Yes sometimes, I can have a little something naughty. But as far as 6 days a week or so, clean clean clean. Ever since then, my obsession with naughty foods, has almost broken! Once I had that realization that I will never reach my goal unless I cut out the bad food habits, I just… stopped.

It’s crazy to me but, the cravings are starting to stop too!

So, gotta keep up the good work!  

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