4 DIY Face Masks for Acne

I just got back from my pals house and boy oh boy do I need to work out, detox, AND do a face mask!

So it made me think, I should let you guys in on a few DIY face masks that are great for acne. I have quite a few pimples so I definitely need them @_@

1. Egg Yolk Mask

1. Crack the egg carefully and pull it apart. Put the egg yolk in one bowl and the egg white in another.

2. Beat the egg white until it is bubbly. Apply to the face and neck and let it dry.
I always laugh inside when doing this since I can’t move my face when it’s dry XD

3. After it’s dry, rinse off. Next, beat the egg yolk. (poor yolk) Apply to face and neck and let it dry!

4. Rinse off once dry. Then you’re done!

The egg whites will tighten your pores and clear blackheads. And the yolk is really really great for moisturizing.

2. Honey Cinnamon Mask

This one is easy 🙂

You just mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey and mix together!
Then apply, let it dry, and rinse!

Honey is a wonderful thing for your skin. Seriously. Great for acne. It is an antiseptic and can kill the bacteria in your pores. It also has inflammatory properties. Which prevents swelling and redness of acne. And cinnamon can improve fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating blood vessels and bringing blood to the surface of the skin.

3. For Tea Tree Oil lovers

This one is very very potent. Tea Tree Oil is a powerhouse when it comes to acne.
It’s antibacterial properties kills off the acne causing bacteria and prevents future breakouts.

Make sure to not use tea tree oil raw. It is HIGHLY recommended to dilute it. Please dears, be safe ^3^

With a small bowl, put in 1 part oil and 9 parts water, take a Q-tip and apply to your pimples. To dilute it even further, you can use aloe vera gel rather than water. Use a moisturizer afterwards 🙂

4. Strawberry and Honey Mask

I actually need to try this one! Strawberries are high in Salicylic Acid, which we all know, is a big enemy of acne 😉 Strawberries open up clogged pores and neutralize bacteria.

Wash the strawberries under cold water and in a bowl, mash them up! (rip berry babies)
Mix with some honey, apply to face and let it sit about 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Then apply moisturizer! Actually, you really should apply moisturizer after any mask, honey’s.

I hope these work well for you guys!

Be safe and take care of yourself ~

Good Luck


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