6 Essential Korean Glowing Skin Secrets!

As we know, South Korea is a big pinnacle of beautiful skin and just being great looking. Believe it or not, as unreachable as their skin seems, it is attainable! Equip yourself with a good skincare routine and eat right and drink your weight in water then you’re good. I know I know. It sounds very overwhelming, expensive, and just too much to remember. But it really becomes habit. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum/essence/ampoule, eye cream, and a moisturizer is my basic skincare routine.
But there are other things you can do to give your skin a glowing complexion!

1. Sheet masks!

There are many different kinds of sheets masks with different effects. Moisture, acne, anti aging, etc.
But using any type, will give your face a soft, supple, glowing and hydrated complexion afterwards. You can just have a nice 20 minutes to yourself, or do what I do and get your other things you have to do that morning done while the fantastic nutrients are being absorbed into your skin!
You can get packs of 50$ on eBay for about 13$ !

2. Double Cleansing

I, and people familiar with Japanese and Korean beauty, double cleanse.
Just wash your face twice. Don’t wash with one cleanser though. This can strip away the good oils from your skin. Especially if you don’t have other moisturizing products in your arsenal. Rather, use a good oil cleanser followed by a foaming face wash. Oil based cleanser removes sebum, bacteria, and extra impurities and leaves your face super soft! If your face is really very oily, use a regular face wash then a foam wash.
The first wash is to remove any makeup and bad oils from the face. The foam wash gives a radiant glow and is gentle on skin as well.

3. Face mist

I LOVE using face mist. Although the weird looks and comments can get tiring. Oh well! I’m getting pretty skin. Screw your weird comments.
Not only does it feel great on your face because of the cool mist, but it hydrates and gives your skin a beautiful dewy glow. It can also make your acne go away as far as I have experienced.
You can easily get some online. At any Japanese or Korean cosmetics shop.  Or if there is a Face Shop near you, you can try there! I however, enjoy making my own. There are many DIY’s for facial mists! The one I use currently is a mix of Green Tea (made from loose tea leaves for more nutrients), tea tree oil, and vitamin E oil. Green Tea gives antioxidants and nutrient to the skins and prevents acne. Tea tree oil is great for acne. Vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the face, which are a large part in the aging process. Keeping the skin youthful!


Serum is important for maintaining youthful, radiant skin. And for wrinkles, but I believe it is better to start fighting anti aging as soon as you can 🙂

5. Sleeping Masks

These are masks that you leave on while you sleep. They provide many different functions. Some are for hydration, oil-control, and rejuvenation. For dry skin, they can be deep cleansing. For oil skin/acne prone skin, there are ones that help control the oil production in your face.

6. Diet

Your diet is so important. The food you put in your body, appears on your face. So last night’s pizza and Netflix binge? Yup. It will take its evil revenge onto your sweet face. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits. Drink TONS of water and tea too. Plus your body will thank you later once eating well for awhile 🙂

When I first started getting into beauty and skincare, I got dizzy from all of the things around me What to apply, how to apply it, the dreaded 10 step Korean skincare, etc etc etc.

But it gets fun after a while for me. I enjoy finding cheaper ways, especially DIY ways to take great care of yourself and be as beautiful on the outside AND inside.

You will get the hang of it, I promise.

Good Luck ~

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