Key Points in Korean Drama Makeup

The more one watches K-dramas, the more you notice their habits. Fashion sense. And makeup. I always look at the actresses makeup. Always. The villain woman usually have a bit more eyeliner. The main girl usually have the typical K-drama makeup. SUPER natural.
I do have a makeup tutorial on it but it does not at all do them justice ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

But there are some KEY points to all of their makeup.

1. Flawless dewy skin
They always have flawless skin! There is a philosophy to makeup in Korea. Skin first. If your skin is great and healthy, your makeup looks even better than ever could.
You could barely wear any makeup but if your skin is on point, you’re good!

2. Lip color

They always have color on. Fuchsia, lilac, and red are extremely common. Gradient or full lip. Doesn’t matter. Wearing color on your lips with dewy clear skin, is actually a lovely look. Paired with youthful natural brows of course!

3. Long natural lashes

I read somewhere that in Korean dramas, something that is KEY in the eye makeup, is natural long lashes. If you pay attention to it, you do notice that all of the actresses do have long lashes. That are as natural as natural can be. Especially in scenes where their eyes are closed.
It gives the eyes extra ummph! since they are wearing barely any makeup on the eyes anyways.

4. Brown eye shadow and LIGHT eyeliner

This is obvious but the last thing I noticed is their super subtle eyeliner and light brown eye shadow.
It is a must apparently. Because it is everywhere.

Their makeup is wonderful. I really want to nail this makeup. Which is why I want to get my skin on point and blemish free! Goals.


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