Tsui VS Tare

Hello sweet potatoes ^3^

So I’ve noticed lately the whole makeup styles of Tsui and Tare.

To break it down;)

Tsui, is cool. Cat like eyes. Sassy.

While Tare, is puppy like, droopy, cute and innocent eyes.

There been a lot of makeup tutorials on them as well ^.^

I believe VenusAngelic on YouTube has a good tutorial on it:) so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in trying it!

I’ve really been into it:) I love makeup that can express your personality.

Part of the reason it’s so fun and amazing.

Our war paint, am I right?

I can do a basic makeup tutorial on it if you’d like.

Let me know!

Well I’m off to cuddle with the Bae. His name is Netflix and hummus w/crackers.

Lol goodnight night you guys.

Good Luck~


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