Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Review

Image result for skinfood black sugar mask

I have wanted this product for the longest time. Especially since I saw everyone had it! I mean, everyone. I never heard a complaint and saw great reviews on it so I then decided to try it ~

I am finally writing a brief review for it since I have been using it for… about a month now ^^

The very first time I used it, afterwards, my skin felt SO soft. Smelled amazing as well. I have quite a bit of sebum from a long time of not having the right exfoliant for me.

But right after using this, my skin looked quite a bit brighter. It does definitely get rid of my black heads as well. Seriously guys. I haven’t seen one blackhead since buying it.

The smell, is amazing. Smells like lemon pledge lol lemoneeeey… mmmm…

Rinses off easily too, might I add.

Overall, it does what it is made to do. It moisturizes, exfoliates like a boss, and leaves my skin feeling wonderful ~

Now time for me to go rinse it off ^^

Goodnight guys ^3^

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