Tips to achieving long, healthy hair!

So I decided to begin growing out my hair again. This time I will actually commit though. I caved last time because I REALLY REALLY wanted a bob. I don’t regret it because it was fun and cute! But, now I want long beautiful hair, and if I am craving a bob, that is what wigs are for.

Come along with me as I, and hopefully you as well, follow these tips to achieving not just long but very healthy locks.

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1. PATIENCE. Cmon honey, we know that long magical mermaid hair doesn’t happen overnight. But it WILL happen! Just stick to it and await the beautiful results. I know it’s hard and it is the waiting that always breaks me and makes me ending up cutting it, but DON’T.
All in good time, dearies.

2. Get regular hair trims. I’m sure you’ve heard this one. This won’t actually make your hair grow obviously. But, it gets ride of the split ends that break your hair. Eliminating the breakage will also give the appearance that it is growing faster. Split ends that break can lead to the hair losing length, smoothness and volume, and we don’t want that, now do we? Get your trim every 6-8 weeks.

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3. Keep your scalp healthy! Cleansing and treating your scalp leads to produce strong, beautiful hair. Cleanse it well with shampoo once or twice a week.  Try to stick to applying conditioner at the ends to middle of your hair.

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4. Use an oil/mask treatment weekly! Apply it to damp hair, leave on for 10+ minutes then rinse. Or you can then clean your hair with shampoo+conditioner. The oils will be able to fill the strands up with fatty acids, then when rinsed out, the shampoo will help seal them inside the hair.

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5. Take your vitamins. It is great to drink plenty of water, get your exercise, and eat well. As a healthy body outside, starts from the inside. But giving your body an extra boost full with vitamins is even better! I like to take my daily, twice a day, biotin for Hair, Skin, and Nails. It definitely helps.

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6. Brush your hair carefully!! Try not to brush your hair every second lol
START FROM THE BOTTOM AND WORK YOUR WAY UP.  Do NOT tug and pull on tangles. When you hit a tangle, pull out your brush, and start again, until it gets smoother and smoother.
Starting from the top can just create more tangles and cause split ends.

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7. Throw out the cotton pillowcase. Yep. I honestly still haven’t done this yet but trust me. Do it. Get yourself a sateen fabric. It won’t cause friction the way cotton does. It also won’t pull out your hair throughout the night.

Image result for sateen pillowcase

8.  Avoid wrapping your hair in a regular towel. Get a microfiber hair towel instead! I got my cute little pink one off YESSTYLE. Regular towels cause a lot of breakage.

Image result for yesstyle hair towel

9. Before bed, use a boar bristle brush to distribute your scalp’s oils evenly onto your hair so it stays naturally moisturized.

10. Try to use your heat styling tools as little as possible! I know this one is hard. Too much use damages your hair, leading to breakage and frizz. If you HAVE to use them, use them on the lowest heat setting.

Image result for heat styling tools

11. Finish your showers with a cold rinse.  Hot showers are tough on your hair and skin!  Rinse your hair and skin in WARM water, then rinse with cool water to assist in sealing the cuticle and strengthen your hair.

Image result for cold shower

I know this seems like a lot but trust me, it’s noooot. It’s all good for ya! Be strong and good luck on your hair journey!



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