Day/Night Creams? Essence/Serum? AHA/BHA?? Why You Need Them!

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If you’re like me and other K-beauty lovers, then you obviously follow the popular Korean Skincare Regimen! Now there is no one way to have a routine. It’s all about adjusting the routine to what your skins needs are. So don’t let the dreaded 10-15 routine scare you 🙂

You get used to it anyways and your skin will show the benefits!

Day/Night Cream:

Day Cream – Creams are usually for those with dry/sensitive skin and aging skin. They repair the skins barrier, and provide elasticity and collagen back into the skin.

Night Cream – Night creams, obviously, are for while you sleep. Your skin begins to repair itself at 10pm. They are very nourishing and for whatever your skin concern is. They’re definitely a must for anyone in their early 20’s and up.


Essences are a powerhouse in Korean skincare.  They are highly concentrated, absorb into the skin quickly, and contain ingredients for your specific skin needs. They prep the skin and boost the skin for the following products ahead.

Serums are more common here in the North. They are a thicker consistency than essences and have multiple highly concentrated ingredients to focus on the skins needs as well. Like most products.


AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), works on the skin to keep away whiteheads, fight against scars and pigmentation, and fight away fine lines.

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid), lifts away blackheads and prevents close comedoes, and just overall keeps the pores and skin clear.

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