Steps Towards Loving Yourself <3

If anyone understands not loving who you are, it’s me. I have been through many phases in life, as most people have. And all I truly craved, was for people to like me and be kind to me. I never knew truly who I was since I was just so fascinated by other peoples lives and wanted their lives.

You see all these people and wish you could be like them.. and have what they have. But don’t..

Because you can have whatever life you want. You can be whoever you want to be. You can’t keep comparing yourself to others. Just be YOU. I’m sure there’s quite a few who want to be you 😉

1. Rid Yourself of Negativity!

Who wants bad influences and negativity in their lives? None of us do. It is up to you to rid yourself of negative behaviors, negative situations, and especially, negative people. All they will do, is bring, and keep you down.
Getting rid of these things will clear that cloud you might constantly feel you have over your head.

2. Take time to yourself to do things YOU enjoy doing!

I cannot stress this enough! I am always telling my boyfriend to do this because he gets stressed often over work.
It just makes you feel good and happy. Spend time with yourself. Take time to just clear your mind and not think of the things that usually drive you crazy. Stress is a killer in so many unbelievable ways. It affects you physically, mentally, emotionally. It can especially get down onto your health. So it is so so important guys. To just enjoy whatever it is you love.

3. Get active 🙂

This may sound random but it is true. Besides the fact that being active in any way is great for you and your health, it lifts your mood as well ~
When you keep up with it, you’ll feel more energized, see the world from a more optimistic standpoint, and you will feel down to do anything and take on the world.

4. Compliment yourself!

If it is what it takes, stand in the mirror and just look at yourself. For many, this will be difficult because they hate looking at themselves in the mirror. But just do it. If it takes you standing in the mirror for hours just staring at yourself trying to find something you like, then so be it! Give yourself a break. Not a single one of us, is perfect. There is no ideal image of perfection. Beauty is what YOU see it as. If it’s not you, then you need to work on that and focus. Just stare. You will find something you love 🙂

5. Work work work

I have been doing this lately. I have so many goals. But, I am a terrible procrastinator. Always making up excuses for why I can’t do these things, or why I should delay it. “I’ll do it when.. I can’t right now because..”, NOPE. Stop it right there. I started focusing on my goals. And the things I want to do! We have this one life as far as we know, make the absolute most of it! Stop wasting every precious little moment and just keep busy. I promise you. If you keep yourself busy, you won’t have time to focus on the things that bring you down. You will only rise higher and higher.

The sky is the limit ~

Things are going to be okay, really 🙂 You are not alone. So so many of us are unhappy with who we are. But in order to find true, real happiness, self love is very crucial. You are stuck with yourself. So just date yourself. Know who you are, and own the sh** out of it! You are freakin’ awesome. You are so so loved, despite how alone you feel. We all feel that way at one point or another. I love you. You always have someone to talk to.

Comment if you ever need someone to talk to. We are all here for eachother.

Good Luck

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