Tips For Getting Through a Long Distance Relationship ~

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If you guys follow me, then you know about my relationship with my beloved 🙂
We’ve been talking since March, and on my birthday, June 16th, he came to meet me for the  first time 🙂

We plan to move in together this summer and we, as you already know, are pregnant with a beautiful baby girl together.

The problem? I’m in Colorado, he’s in Washington…

Is it hard? Absolutely. But we get through it because we love eachother. And have loved eachother since we first began chatting.

But you can’t just expect things to go smoothly with little effort. It takes a lot of strength and communication.
So tonight, I thought I would share my personal tips on things you can do to make things easier 🙂


Don’t think that just because you are apart, that you have to be talking every moment of every day. A “Good Morning” and “Goodnight” message,  text when you can, and phone/Skype calls at night, is what we do.

We used to Skype every night. But since I have school 3 days a week and he works everyday until late, it gets hard to do what we used to. Send pictures of things in your life and things you like, share your interests. Make them feel a part of your every day life.


When you do have a chance to Skype, try watching Youtube or Netflix together. OR play games together. Doing anything together will bring you closer and make you feel like you are together.


This one is fun hehe

We have lots of fun with this haha
Sending sexy pics (no face in it,just to be safe), sexy phone calls, is a great way to stay intimate without being physically together 😉

And you will both feel just wonderful lol


This is INCREDIBLY important for me, personally. If me and my boyfriend didn’t have the endpoints that we have, I don’t know if I would be able to get through it.

Have a date set to see eachother. To move in together.

Trust me, it makes things much much easier when you just keep counting down your days until the official day you get to see them again.
Instead of just sitting around having nothing to look forward to.

I know it’s hard guys, I know. But if you two truly love eachother, and see it worth waiting for, then you both will get through it. Then happily ever after 😉

Comment below if you need someone to talk to or advice!


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