Tips for Preventing Stretchmarks During Pregnancy ~

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We all hate those little devils, even though there’s honestly nothing wrong with ’em. They add character 🙂

BUT if you really don’t want them and want to prevent them or even lighten ones you already have, here are some tips!

Keep your body hydrated:
While pregnant, your body has an even higher demand for hydration. Try to aim for 8-12 glasses a day. (Or until your pee is clear lol)

Coconut Oil:
It is known how amazing the effects of coconut oil are. One of them, being preventing stretch marks.

Vitamin C:
Try eating foods that are plentiful in vitamin C. It forms collagen and cartilage.

Cocoa Butter:
I think we have all heard of using cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks. And for good reason 🙂 It works. Give it a go!

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