So Close, Such Little Time

Image result for anime girl laying in bed thinking

Gosh I am so.. stressed. Not like, pulling my hair out, but.. more on the side of constantly wanting to lay in bed and just think. About all the things I have to do.

Have I told you yet? I have decided to move to WA to move in with oppa.

So with that 🙂 I have a few things I need to do before I get there or as soon as I get there. Which is expected when moving to a new place. No matter the circumstance.

The more I tell myself “It’s okay. Everyone has to do these things when moving. It’s no problem. Just relax, and get what you need to do, done”, the better I feel.

It’s not even a lot of things. Just have to talk to my school tomorrow and sort out if I could do online schooling. Then go to my doctors appointment on the 7th and tell him I will be moving and ask how I could get all situated there in WA.
And lastly, figure out my whole State ID thing. So really, all I have to do, is figure out how to get a new birth certificate with my new name on it 🙂 Then getting my ID will be no issue. Then all will be fine 🙂

Honestly, I do feel better about it, writing it out.

Thanks 🙂

Have a good night ~

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