December-January Favorites!


You all know that I’m a little shop-a-holic heh..

So with that, I’ll share with you guys what my favorite products I got in December and January!

1. Lush Fairy Dust
I love love this stuff! I sprinkle it everywhere and it makes me smell absolutely yummy and gives me just the right amount of sparkle 😉


2. KARADIUM Romantic Kiss Lipstick

I absolutely adore this color. When I do want a cute color and not going for my usual gradient lip, I go straight for this. I have, as you may know, been in love with nudes recently.


3. Mizon Snail Sleeping Pack
Even though I generally don’t like using sleeping packs, they’re a must have in Korean skincare so I suck it up 😛
I just don’t like having to sleep carefully making sure my face doesn’t touch the pillow haha oh well. 

It’s better for my face and skin anyways ~
I love this stuff because it has me waking up with such a very soft face! It has also been helping my acne scars a bit too.


4. Mizon Water Gel Cream
As you can tell, I love Mizon products. This is my first gel cream I have used and I must say, I love it! It is so lightweight and my face very rarely, if ever, gets greasy anymore!
Definitely keeps my skin hydrated!


5. Daiso Eyebrow Pencil
I love this little guy especially for it being my first time using pencil rather than powder on my brows 🙂

Gets the job done! The final result is surprisingly much more natural as well.


6. Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
It was a hard choice between this and another powder I have but I do love this because of how long lasting the finish is and how sweet it smells!
Definitely recommend it!


7. C20 Vitamin Serum
Using vitamin treatment is one of my go-to things right now. It has seriously, really helped my acne scarring tremendously.
So I am definitely grateful to this stuff.
Give it a try if you wish to aid your acne scarring as well! *

*use with caution if you have sensitive skin


AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid
I enjoy this stuff for the same reason, it helps with my scarring.
COSRX makes great great products, as well as Mizon, so I definitely recommend anything from them!
This is some powerful stuff, it will leave your skin without a whitehead, or blackhead, in sight. That is for sure.*

*use with caution if you have sensitive skin


9. Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick
I absolutely LOVE this stuff. Even though it did end up being a knock off, these lipsticks are great.
It lasts an AMAZING amount of time. It’s incredible. I love it.


10. I love wearing this clip on ponytail. Makes me feel like a cute little princess


11. Daiso Cat Neck Pillow
Wearing this as I write this post, I can definitely vouch that these things are amazing, guys. I absolutely adore mine!


12. Chapstick Total Hydration & Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm
I love these both and couldn’t decide which one more! So I just put in both!
They last long and keep my lips nice and soft!
And the honey pot is just, absolutely ADORABLE!


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