Daily Facial Massage!

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So everyday, when cleansing our skin and applying our essences/serums/apoules and moisturizers/creams, there’s a way to be sure that they sink in better and penetrate deeply, and to prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging to the best of our ability! The best part is, it is super easy!

Just take your product, apply, and do these motions:

1. Face and neck: Use sweeping motions UP your neck. This will counteract the effects gravity has on our neck through time. Caress gently, doing about 20 strokes.

2. Chin and cheeks: Start at the chin and go outwards towards the ears, then start at the nose and move across the cheeks towards the brow area. Do this about 10 times 🙂
This helps lymphatic drainage, which will give you a glow and slim your face!

3. Forehead: Place both palms in the middle of your forehead and move outward in opposite directions. Then use upwards strokes, from the middle of your nose to your hairline. Do this 2-3 times.

4. Whole face and neck: Using “pianotage”, lightly tap all over face and neck with fingers as if you’re playing the piano! This will help with circulation and help the product really penetrate the skin.
Then finish off the face by gently pressing your palms against your cheeks, temples, and necks.

5. Eyes: Gently dab onto the our corners and underneath the eyes and pat it in GENTLY. The eye area is VERY delicate.
Place a finger against your eyelid, by the tear duct. Using very, very gentle strokes, move your finger along the crease and down and around your eye, following your eye shape.
Go around your eye about 4-5 times.
You can use any leftover cream on your upper lip are using pianotage fingers. Also be gentle with this area as well.*

*REMINDER: Be very,very gentle. This skin is extremely fragile.

That is all guys 🙂 If you are more of a visual learner, then I will drop this video here 🙂 It helps me out when I need a refresher! I love WishTrend! They really know their stuff 🙂

Enjoy ~

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