Kylie Lip Kit Lipsticks Review!


Hi guys!

Tonight I am finally getting around to reviewing these lipsticks I got a little while ago!

So I got these liquid lipsticks under the impression that they were the legitimate Kylie Lip Kit Lipsticks, but it turned out that they were a knockoff  lol

BUT, to my surprise, they actually turned out to be pretty damn good!

I was very taken back guys.

I never usually wear matte lipsticks. Like, ever lol

But, I go through makeup phases like a mad woman so I got these when I was craving some cute nude colors! And boy, did my craving get satisfied.

The color lasted FOREVER. And I mean forever lol
I was astounded, (and I don’t get super impressed easily), at how long and sturdy the formula was! Especially for a knockoff! I’m tellin’ ya. It was incredible. Even my boyfriend mentioned it when he saw that the swatch colors were STILL on my wrist after like 4 days!

The smell, is like a slightly chocolatey, typical lipstick type smell. Nothing special there. Which is fine lol I don’t usually care about the smell of my makeup. If it does smell good, that’s just a cool bonus for me.

The tubes are pretty small, so that’s lame. Lame for me considering how much I wanted to use it a lot lol But if you pace yourself on them, it’s cool.

The packaging is cute so that’s a plus.

The price being $26, it’s a steal!

They are as drying as any other normal matte lipstick so I can’t complain. I just lightly dab some lip balm over it and I’m good.

Color last FOREVER!
Smells normal-good.
Cute packaging.
Small tubes.
Drying like any other matte lipstick.
Decent price.

Here is the link to it in case you want to give it a try!

Comment below what your experience with it is!

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