Benefits Of Hot Baths!

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To say the least, I. Love. Baths.
They are free (technically lol), simple, and do wonders.
For you fellow moms/wives out there, I’m sure you understand 😉

We all need that time to truly relax. Clear our thoughts and just breathe. Everyone needs that time. So what better way to do that than a nice, steamy bath, right?

There’s quite a few things you can do to spruce them up as well! You can add scented bath salts, bath bombs, bubbles, all of the above, whatever have you! 🙂
If you follow me, then you know that I enjoy using some wonderful Japanese hot spring bath salts every time I take a bath.
My boyfriend even loves them too ~

Onto the list of benefits hot baths have then!

~This one is plainly obvious but it relieves stress. Which we all know can be a killer.

~Boosts your mood. Throwing in some bath salts, a bath bomb, or even some essential oils would definitely help as well.

~Helps you sleep! I need all the help I can get with getting to sleep. So I love this benefit for sure.

~It eases sore muscles. After working out or if you are just straight up sore, a hot bath will definitely aid you. Especially if you throw in some Epsom salts!

~They’re good for when you have a cold! For the same reason hot tea and hot soup is good for colds, same goes for a hot bath. Warm that body up!

~Improves your skin! Another favorite benefit of mine is this one. Due to the fact that it reduces stress, that in itself will help your skin clear up and give it a nice glow. But also it improves your blood circulation! Delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to you skin! Giving it the nice healthy, youthful glow it needs!

That is all for now ^.^

Let me know how you like to relax in the comments!

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