Do I Need To Wait In Between Applying Skincare Products?

Something I only just recently started doing, is just that. Waiting before I apply my next skincare product. If you’re like me and would just apply products one after another, don’t fret. Learning is power! We make mistakes 🙂

But yes. You indeed, need to wait in between products I’m afraid. Now, there isn’t an exact time you need to wait. The heavier the product, the longer you should wait.

Why wait?

It’s simple 🙂 Your skin can’t fully absorb and eat up the yummy skin treats you’re giving it if you just slather them on one after another. Layer after layer.

If it takes quite a long time for it to become dry on the skin, you simply have just used too much.
Just take the product, gently pat it on your skin and let it rest and penetrate your skin.
You can take that time to go off and do other tasks you have to do. Or just relax and rest your eyes.

For me, when I have the extra time, I wait 10 minutes on light products and 12 minutes or more on heavier products. If I am crunched on time however, I will wait 5 minutes between each product at most.

It is also important that you try to enjoy this routine!  Think of it as your time. Be happy to be giving your skin things it needs and treating yourself daily 🙂

Just wash your hands before applying the next product if you’ve gone around touching things and whatnot 🙂

In conclusion, yes you should wait before applying each product. To let it work to the best of its ability and to fully penetrate the skin, to fully work and do its job.


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