Why You Should Dry Brush! *Lymphatic Drainage*

So I lately have added dry brushing to my routine and I love it so I thought I’d share with you why you should totally get into it too ^.^

Removes Dead Skin Cells
Improves Circulation
Opens Clogged Pores
Promotes Tighter Skin
*my reason* Reduces The Appearance Of Cellulite
Energizes The Whole Body
Restores Radiance To The Skin
Eliminates Toxins

So many up sides guys 🙂 And it is quick to do.
Just do it before you shower in the morning or night. Make sure your skin is completely dry!
Brush TOWARDS the heart, with long upward, overlapping strokes.
Avoiding broken or wounded skin of course.
And yes, it is normal for the skin to turn a little red/pink. Your skin will get used to it over time though 🙂

To clean your brush: Just use soap and water and clean the bristles, avoiding the wooden handle. Let it air dry.
You should clean your brush about once a week ^.^

Well I hope I convinced you because trust me, you will love it 😉


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