Missha M Magic Cushion Review!

Hellooo ~

I am very excited to do this review because I absolutely LOVE this cushion.


I got this in my search of a different cushion since I had already ordered the Etude House Any Cushion twice. It’s a great cushion of course, but I love trying new stuff of course!
So I looked high and low for one that would meet my skin needs and something that would give me a subtle dewy look, great coverage, and last long!
To my surprise, I found this baby 🙂
I absolutely, LOVE this cushion guys. It seriously met every need I had.
All at the super low price of $11!

It didn’t get cakey.
It lasted all day and late into the night.
High coverage.
Feels light on my skin.

I don’t even really have to wear concealer with it! Which is incredible for me because of my scarring and such.

It also is good for your skin as well with ingredients such as:
Bamboo Water: For moisture and to refresh skin
Baobab Tree Fruit Extract: Hydrates
Witch Hazel Extract: Calms and soothes skin

With these ingredients in mind, it didn’t make my breakouts worse!

It also has:
Smooth silica bead powder to absorb sweat and sebum.
Boron powder content to prevent caking.
Wrinkle care, brightening, and UVA/UVB protection.
SPF 50+ PA+++

So combined with sun protection in your skincare of course, your skin will be solid from the sun.

So overall:
Subtle dewy look
Long lasting
High coverage
Doesn’t cake
Good for your skin
Clean packaging
Brightens skin
Super cheap

5/5 paws

Here is the link to it!:


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