Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist Review!


Hey how are you guys feeling today? 
Just like the review for the Missha BB cushion, I am excited about reviewing this product as well because I love it. Given, I usually end up loving the products I review but, anywho.

This is gonna be a short one so let’s get to it ^.^

In all honesty, this mist isn’t really supposed to do much. But I love it because of what it DOESN’T do.
Almost every hair product, no matter how great it is, weighs down my hair. My hair is a bitch, and gets greasier feeling faster if I put anything in it. But I gotta keep it healthy so I use a hair serum and hair oil/mist in it after I wash it.

What this mist doesn’t do, is just that! It surprisingly, is the first product that hasn’t weighed down my hair. Which is one reason I love it. 

It’s really just meant to soften your hair and make it smell great. Which it definitely does. This stuff smells soooo, sooooooo good.

The price is super cheap of course. ( To be expected from Etude House ❤ )
Good sized bottle.
Cute packaging.
Isn’t heavy on my hair.
Smells incredible.
Softens my hair.
Doesn’t do much else than that.

4/5 paws

Here is the link to it!:


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