Skinfood Jelly Body Scrub Review!


Hi guys 🙂

Starting from when I was a young teen, to recently, I began to notice that I always had little bumps on my upper arms. When I would get anxiety, they would get even worse.
I always always always wanted smooth soft skin. Like my friends. I felt like a toad lol

So recently, I finally did something about it. I started dry brushing and I got a body scrub for an extra kick as well. Lord knows my skin could use any help it can get.
The dry brushing, as I have previously wrote about, has REALLY helped. In many ways aside from just smoothing out my skin 😉

I got this body scrub before my dry brush. I honestly really like it!
Cheap, of course.
Smells great.
It made my skin SO soft after the very first use. I smelled so good too, which is always a bonus.
It works so well that I only use it once a week now 🙂

Exfoliates great.
Cute packaging.
Smells great.
Makes skin very soft.
Long lasting effects.

5/5 paws!

Here is the link:


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