Benefits of Butterfly Pea Tea


We have been OBSESSED with this yummy tea, guys. 
Especially my honey 🙂

The flower is packed in bioflavinoids (which is also an ingredient in hair products and stimulates hair growth).

So here are the wonderful benefits of this simple, beautiful tea!

1. FULL of Antioxidants
Antioxidants stop the harmful effects of free radicals. Which helps to improve the overall health of cells by preventing premature aging, slashing down the risk of cancer among other diseases. They also increase the collagen and elasticity within skin cells.

2. Improves Eye Health

3. Boosts Brain Power
This flower has been known to enhance memory, reduce stress, and depression! (This really impressed me :))

4. Healthy Hair
Woman in Asia have been using this flower to promote their dark, thick, gorgeous hair and stimulates hair growth 🙂
(Which is a big reason I love it)

5. Strong Immune System
Having a strong immune system protects your body against icky diseases so this is always a good thing 🙂

Those are the main benefits although I gotta say, this flower literally helps ANYTHING. Any time my boyfriend is feeling tired, sick in ANY way, have a headache, need to relax, you seriously name it, this tea cures him.
This stuff is an absolute miracle worker, I swear. I think it has been helping my skin a bit too which makes me SO happy:)

I really really recommend this stuff.
Here’s a link to a big bag of it!


Credit to and for the education as well 🙂

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