Peripera’s Ink Velvet Review

inksinkink swatches

You all have heard about the Ink Velvets, right? They’re very popular in South Korea for how long they apparently last and how soft they feel on your lips. So I caved in finally and got a few after passing them by on apps and Amazon. After seeing a video on how loved they were, I was like “Ah hell, why not” 🙂

I got “So Grapefruit” and “Dollish Beige”. I also just ordered “Sellout Red” last today.

I absolutely love these tints! They feel very soft and indeed, velvety, on my lips. What’s even better is that soft feeling doesn’t even dry out! I was pretty impressed by it. The shades are nicely pigmented and give off a beautiful color.

I really love it and plan to buy more and continue using them!

Affordable Price
Cute Packaging
Long Lasting
Soft Feeling On Lips
Doesn’t Dry Out Lips
Greatly Pigmented

5/5 Paws


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