What Do I Want..

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Now that I have graduated high school.. finally. I have started really thinking
about what I want to do for my life. What I want as my career. 

I know for a damn fact that I don’t want to be a house wife my entire life. I want something else for myself besides being a mother and wife. I want to DO things.And actually feel like I’m getting real things done.  I don’t want to just be home writing with little benefit.. it doesn’t feel like a life. Not yet.

I’d like to start making makeup tutorials and beauty/health videos. But I have to figure out myself and what my style is before I begin that.

I also have always wanted to record song covers but I’ve no idea how to start that and actually have them sound decent :p

There’s.. so many things, that I want to do. I also have wanted to start making some extra money on the side by selling deco phone cases on Etsy. I just need to make the jump. I need to stop being lazy and go for it. I’m always, ALWAYS telling myself how short life is, and that I just need to do it. 
But being a lazy asshole has become a too honed of a skill in me.
I need to undo it. It’ll benefit, and transform my life. Time to to just f*cking do it.


  1. Do it! Pick just one of those and work on it till its second nature and then you can move onto the next. I recommend starting the Etsy project. If you’re the age of just finishing up school, then running a side gig will help teach you lots of good life skills that only a business can. Good luck!

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