I’m Doing It!! *Healthy Lifestyle UPDATE*

Image result for proud kawaii cartoon

I am actually doing it guys! I am eating better and better! The thing is, I definitely have cut back on fast food. By 90%. I had chic fil a twice in the past few weeks, so I feel that is quite an improvement. Taking it step by step. BUT  what I also have been doing, is eating way more better foods 🙂

It’s to the point that I am starting to actually crave good foods! Like my salmon and salad ~
I also have completely cut soda and that has definitely made a difference and made me feel better. I also have been working out and walking even more. Any healthy habit, I am trying to do! Sometimes I’m going to go to the gym with my roommate so that’ll be nice too.

My next goal: is to not have fast food for a whole week! After that week, it’ll be a piece of cake!

*mmm cake*

Image result for drooling anime girl with cake

My skin is definitely getting better and it’s also starting to push out the toxins that were in my body 🙂 My hair is staying cleaner for longer too!

I will continue to keep you updated!


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